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New Leadlight Front Doors

Your front door is one of the most prominent places to put a leadlight in your home as it often the first things that someone sees when walking up to a property. It can help to portray a particular style and feel of the property without a person even walking into the house.

Adding privacy and security

As one of the only transparent mediums available, a leadlight fitted to the front door is a beautiful art piece during the day from inside and becomes a beacon of light and style during the night. Our leadlights offer not only a beautiful feature to your home but can also be designed to fit your needs such as adding privacy and security.

Our experienced team can install leadlight windows as single or double glazing into a range of door materials including  timber, steel and aluminum. We can alter the existing doors surround to suit the installation of new leadlights windows and have developed different methods to retrofit frames.

At Wesley Vine Glass Craftsman we offer a large range of styles of leadlight door that are custom made and of the highest quality. All windows come with proper reinforcing and good quality leads and glasses. For more information on the benefits of purchasing a Wesley Vine Glass Craftsman window please click on the link “Why Choose Us?”

Internal doors and door surrounds

In addition to external doors, Wesley Vine Glass Craftsman can also fit leadlight to internal doors and door surrounds. Clients requesting this often have solid timber internal doors and the timber paneling is removed to enable the installation of a leadlight window. Clients have been surprised at how removing the timber paneling and replacing with glass adds so much more light and style. With a large range of textured glasses, these doors can give you as much or as little privacy as you need.