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Stained Glass

Stained Glass

Many people do not understand the difference between Leadlight and Stained glass.

Leadlights is the process of cutting coloured sheets of glass off a design and leading them, soldering and puttying them. For more information on lead lighting please visit lead lighting section of my website.

Stained glass is the process of cutting coloured sheets of glass into small pieces to form a pattern. A coating of metal/ferrous oxide is then painted onto the coloured glass to create a specific picture with dimension, depth and shading. The glass is then fired up to 8 times for different layers of paint, to make the oxide semi permanent. After this process, the glass is then leaded together.

When people think of a stained glass window panel, they generally envision an old mansion or a church window. What most people don’t think of is the fact that they can have beautiful stained glass window panels constructed and then installed in their more modern homes. Stained glass doors and windows can add an artistic quality to your home, and our team can produce beautiful decorative pieces specifically for you. This will not only add value to your home, but also character.

Our stained glass panels are carefully constructed using traditional methods and using original designs that will really improve the look of your living space. We stand behind the quality of our work and are very proud of all the past work we have completed. Stained window glass is a timeless look that will be enjoyed not only by you, but by future generations to come.

Contact our team today and we can meet you for a consultation. From there we can discuss your requirements, tastes and budget. Then we can begin working on your hand-crafted stained window glass. Call us today.

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