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Leadlight Repairs and Leadlight Windows Supply Melbourne


At Wesley Vine Glass Craftsman, we produce beautiful, timeless hand- crafted leadlight glass windows. We offer the best in craftsmanship so that your windows will be a feature of your home for years to come. We are well known for our services in restoration and conservation and matching of pre-existing leadlights.

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Stained Glass

Creating stained glass involves cutting coloured glass sheets into small pieces from a pattern. A metal or ferrous oxide is then applied onto the coloured glass to form a specific picture with dimension, depth, and shading. The glass is then fired up to 8 times to add different layers of paint and make the oxide semi-permanent. Once this process is complete, the glass pieces are joined together using lead.

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Sandblasting Glass

The process of creating sandblasted glass involves the application of a stencil pattern onto the glass, followed by sandblasting treatment, creating frosted glass. The stencil acts as a barrier, protecting a layer of glass from the abrasive sand and keeping it clear. As the stencil is gradually removed, shading and depth are introduced to the glass during the process.

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Glass Glazing

At Wesley Vine Glass Craftsman, we have access to a large range of plain (float), coloured and textured decorative glass. It is now possible to laminate many textured and coloured glasses in a variety of ranges. We also stock continuous patterned glass. Discover how this will make a great addition of your home.

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Wesley Vine Glass Craftsman Services

At Wesley Vine Glass Craftsman, no job is too great or too small. We undertake decorative glass work for builders, architects, churches, home owners and commercial properties. Servicing Melbourne metropolitan area, we supply the highest quality product withleadlight repairs and other service, whether it be frosted glass or the most intricate glass piece.

Stained and Leadlight glass are both beautiful and timeless, while offering functionality and adding value to your home. They reflect the style of the home, time period and the artist/craftsman’s creative characteristics. Decorative glass can be of historical or social significance to an area and should be restored or made by a competent person to ensure the windows get the attention they need.

At Wesley Vine Glass Craftsman, we pay special attention to ensuring our designs suit the needs of our customers. This includes both contemporary windows and designs to match existing works and period styles. We focus on delivery of the best quality in craftsmanship and personal service so that your window will last a life time and will be a feature of you home for years to come.

For more information about our frosted and decorative glass options, please call us today on 03 9893 3696