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New contemporary stained glass

It’s amazing to see the difference new stained glass  front door surround can make to an existing home or new home. One of the most rewarding parts of my job is to see peoples faces when we have finished installing there beautiful stained glass windows in to there front door surround.  Many people start by adding Lead Light and/or Stained Glass to just there front door surround and are so impressed by the its beauty and how it enhances a room, that they decide to start adding it to other areas of their homes.

We have also produced many windows for people selling their homes to increase the home’s value and appeal.  Many of these clients have then commented that they should have installed the window many years before, so they could have enjoyed it themselves.

At Wesley Vine Glass Craftsman we work on many different styles of windows in a variety of house types. While much of our work is on traditional homes, it is becoming more common for us to be commissioned  to work on new contemporary homes as well. These home owners are installing windows for privacy, design and to add a unique feature to their homes. We give a free measure and quote and will come and discuss the clients needs in regards to design, colour and installation.

If you would like more information on lead lights or stained glass in different styles of home please click on the below link.

Match Existing Stained Glass Windows

With a great selection of old glasses, new reproduction glass and with numerous lead profiles available, we do a great job of matching an existing panel for any front door surround. It can sometimes be difficult to exactly match Glass as it can change colour over time and some textures and colours are different from batch to batch.  However, using our large range of glasses and knowledge of the different glass types, we have come up up with some great results when matching new door surrounds to existing windows.

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Stained Glass Front Door Repairs

We not only build new windows for houses but also repair and restore old stained glass windows as well. At Wesley Vine Glass Craftsman we handle all different types and sizes of repairs, from a single broken piece to restoring the whole front doors surround and other stained glass windows in the house. We have a good selection of old glass and new reproduction glass in a variety of different textures and colours to help with the repair and restoration of your beloved stained glass door surround.

For more information on Restoration of Lead lights and Stained glass windows please visit my website

Stained Glass Front Door Surrounds