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Coloured, Textured And Laminated Glasss

Discover how coloured and textured glass can add both a practical and decorative touch to your home. At Wesley Vine Glass Craftsman, we have access to a a massive range of plain (float), textured and coloured glass glazing glasses.We have a large selection of 4mm and 5mm toughened textured glasses as well as a great selection of designer laminates to choose from. Weather it if for privacy or safety or decoration we well be able to help you with almost all your glazing glass needs. Some of our clients needs are trying to match glasses from a specific period, including texture and/or colour. The new technology in laminates opens up a massive range of colour, texture and design options including laminate different colour and textures together on a single or multiple pieces of glass, as well as putting films and even materials within laminates. Please call or email us to discuss other options.

4mm And 5mm Textured Glasses 

With a great range of 4mm and 5mm glasses that are not only beautiful but have the ability to fit into most glazing situations. These glasses can be toughened, made into a double glazed unit or laminated if required. As one of our more affordable glasses  they are both economical and practical. Below are some of our most common glazing glasses and they can be installation in to a variety of situation.


Pre-made laminated glass are great not only for the front door surround but also through other areas of your home including internal door, bathrooms, stairwells and for areas that require privacy and safety.

Designer Laminates

In the last five years, glass technology has improved significantly. We can now offer to you a large variety of textured and coloured glasses that were once only available in Lead lights or Stained Glass. We are now able to laminate colour and texture glasses to become a “A grade” safety glass this give us the ability to offer a greater range of textures. We can laminate multiple colours and texture to a single piece of glass, adding design to a “A grade safety glass”.  Now many Leadlight glass that were not previously available can be offered as glazing glasses for various application including front door surround and doors, bathroom, stairwells and glazing under 3oomm from float height. These additional application work well on both laminated and toughened glass.

As well as it now being possible to laminate many coloured and textured glasses in a variety of different styles including  artico, artista, water glass and antique. There are also many different inter core layers that are being developed like RP1 a rice paper inter core layer and it is even possible to choose a sewing machine material and coloured film place it in between two layers of glass.

For more information on glass glazing and coloured glass, please contact us today.

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The table below outlines a selection of the more commonly used glasses and the thicknesses they are available in for standard glass, laminate and toughened glass. Please note there are many more types of glass available – just ask us.

Glass Type Standard Annealed Thickness Laminate Toughened
Satinlite 4mm 6.76mm 4mm,
Cathedral 4mm, 5mm 6.76mm 4mm,5mm
Spotswood 5mm 6.76mm 5mm
Bronze Cathedral 5mm 6.76mm 5mm
CP 3mm, 5mm 6.38mm 5mm
Rice Paper N/A 6.76 N/A
Clear Float 3mm-12mm 5mm-12mm 4mm-12mm